There was an eagle in the forest, with sharp claws and blessed with graceful flight never failing hunting skills. He enjoyed his own company. He was so proud of his species, their dominating nature. He knew that all of the birds and small animals are afraid of him. They all fear death and he was the one who brings death.
One day he left his nest in search of some food tearing the air and flying high. From a farther distance he saw a dove she was walking slowly and eating nothing. She was on a short distance from her companions. The eagle decided to go down and grab her in his claws. He folded his wings let them loose and went straight to her down there on earth. As he came closer his fierce eyes met with dove’s eyes and there was something that he has never seen before. She was looking straight in young eagles burning eyes yet she was not afraid. He came closer and then flew upward again without touching her. Dove didn’t react but someone was really tensed and it was the eagle. He was thinking about his skills that how it could be possible for someone to not to fear death? Or there is some problem with my eyes or my speed? Or there is some problem with her? Yes ..she must be mad..otherwise how could someone don’t even blink when death her death was on the door??
Next day he again went on hunt and he dived again and this time he caught that same dove and flew away. He took her to his nest and growled “How is it possible for someone to not fear the death??”
She replied calmly “I don’t have anyone to care for or love. I don’t have a single person in my life who will shed tears on my death, that’s why I don’t fear death.”
It struck the heart of the eagle and he left her. And now he was feeling something that he has never felt before…and it was compassion. He was sad because of poor dove. Though it was not possible as per the rule of nature but somewhere in the jungle a historical love story had started breathing.
Very soon this gossip became viral in the eagle community that an eagle was not longer a warrior as he was in love with a dove. First of all he loosed his post of head of the community as he just broke the rule of being a knight. And then they called a meeting and sentenced him a punishment that he has to shave his furs, the pride of mountain eagles. But the love of that dove has just changed everything in the eagle he just took every blame and punishment without letting her know that he loves her.
Doves were celebrating as they that the eagle was now living with no furs and was executed from his community. As the dove knew the reason of behind all this she started finding the eagle. She found her on the very outer side of jungle weak and alone. As he saw her he felt embarrassed and she spoke “Why did you..?? Just because of you I’m no longer a person who don’t fear death.”
(Both crying)
“Now I do fear death..Are you happy now??”
P.S— Why don’t we believe the things which are not happened before? Why do we always get afraid whenever we witness miracles? Why??

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