The peace palace

Where are you? How can i get you? Why are you not easy to reach? How does it feel to have you in life? How do you look like?

No,these questions are not referring to a person. These are the questions that hit the mind of a person each and every second who is seeking for PEACE and so was I.

The unwanted incidents, the feeling of worthlessness, the failures compelled me to search peace as soon as possible. Finding peace was like finding oxygen to breathe. And as all the human bodies run for the ‘heavenly support’ to get the things in life which are beyond the reach of humans. So I also did the same. Went to temples, prayed day and night, chanted the holy names but still THE PEACE was beyond my reach. A feeling came that this thing is not meant for me.

I closed my eyes started calculating and concentrated on my breathe, a sudden thought coiled my mind that in all my efforts to find the peace I forgot to stay calm. How can I get peace being so restless in reality! Here lies the irony of life. we forget the calmness and patience and seek for peace.

From that very moment seeing a squirrel eating nut, the butterflies roaming around the flowers, the little girl going to school with her father all these things infact the whole world created a peace within me and thus I found my Peace Palace