“All of my life I thought I’m an evil who preys on innocent and weak animals, but what can I do? I’m a tiger if I don’t hunt I will die.” said Raga.
“Don’t be upset Raga, what can you do though?

Beside all these at least you have a heart inside this fierce and invincible body and there is rule of our jungle and nature which we have to follow in anyway. But these humans they do not have any moral or heart, they killed a buck just for fun, just for his skin.” said Rustom the monkey.

“Trust me Rustom I will kill all these heartless creatures. They are more evil than me. These morons are destroying our rules, our jungle our peace.”
“They will swallow the whole jungle very soon my friend just for their fun, the animals are terrified because of those two hunters. They have tested blood Raga.”
“I won’t let the animals terrify because of two evils dear Rustom, there will be only one monster in this jungle and that is Raga.” roared the angry Tiger.

Raga always loved the animals and the jungle but always cursed his race because he had no chance, either hunt or die of hunger.

But today perhaps Raga has chose his destiny, because he knows the only way of get rid of the curse.
After few days he met Rustom and said “You are not only my friend but you are also a wisest animal this jungle can have. When there will be no terror in the woods just make sure the establishment of love and peace in here.”

“Raga one day all the animals will definitely know that how much you loved them, they owe you their future and life. You are truly a noble King….our King.”

When a bullet was to be fired to kill a foe very next day someone was watching from the ambushes, it was Raga.

He ran furiously and leaped on the hunter and grabbed his neck under his sharp claws, the man was grunting while taking his last breath.

But suddenly there was sound of gunshot and roar of Raga which surrounded the whole jungle, Raga was shot in his stomach and was shaking because of unbearable pain.

And before he could have shot again he jumped on the man as his gun slipped on the surface he saw Raga’s fierce face as he killed him by biting on his throat.
The entire jungle was crying as they saw Raga was dying for them.

Then he said “It’s okay my friends, I never hated you but unfortunately never could gain your love. I’m going to sleep in peace first time in my life as today I didn’t killed any innocent animal, today I killed most dangerous animals. Far dangerous than myself.”
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