Aditya woke up by the noise of crowd at CST railway station as he reached Mumbai. Like every second person there he was the man with dreams,confidence and hope. And in front of him there was a road of struggle to travel to get a role in movies. The gate of success he wanted to get into. He was passionate about his goal so he joined acting classes to polish his skills. But being a lower middle class boy with average family income it was hard for him to manage in the city like Mumbai. So he requested the manager of acting classes to let him work there. He had masters  in philosophy but was useless, so he ended up doing the job not suited for his degree. His work was to bring tea, water for the manager,teachers and VIP students and also to clean the place. He was working and learning  there. In the beginning it was good but after few days he was only working there and not learning anything as the manager was taking advantage of his poor situation and making him work on low salary without letting him learn acting. Aditya couldn’t sleep at nights as his nights were passing by staring at stars and tears were making the future blur and vanishing his dreams in front of his sight. Months passed and nothing changed. One day he was frustrated and said to the manager “I’m here to learn acting and  not to wash floors and to bring water. And you are giving me the salary that I cannot barely even survive in this city for too long. And if I’m not learning acting here so there is no point for me to stay here.”
“Many come and go and this city welcomes everyone but embraces the few. Everything has its price here. Either you be practical and pay or just fuck off.” shouted the Manager.
Aditya was very confident about his acting and he is also the man of honour, instantly he left that place. He searched for some acting projects in theatres but no one gave him a chance as he was not in any mood to negotiate with money. He gave up on his dreams as the road of struggle was more painful to travel than looking from far. He decided to quit and packed his bag in order to return to his home…

But he found something in his bag. It was the money he had saved for himself in last few years. He counted and surprisingly it was 15600 rupees. He kept looking at them and suddenly left to meet the Manager. He gave him all the money he had saved and asked him for the roles in theatres. Manager took him to one of the very low profile theatre of Mumbai which was  struggling in keeping themselves on. They gave Aditya a role. He took a sigh of relief that finally he was going to act. The act was going on and he was learning his lines backstage. He laughed loudly with  frustration on his luck as he was fooled again and got only two lines to inact. He walked to stage as it was his turn. He was supposed to act like loser as his role suggested. He started “Every second in this world a loser come with dreams,hopes and wish to get high in the world, but chances not welcomes everyone but welcomes the few.” His role was over but he went on “….but what about them who fail? Should they quit and let the world laugh on them because they heard to their heart and tried? Should they go back and cry in silence because they believed in themselves more than believing in corruption? Should they disappoint the life for giving them chances? Because life gives chance to everyone at least once in a lifetime. But its not fair that if we fail once we won’t try again and continue being disappointing the life .” Aditya’s voice fade away as he left the stage with disgust and anger.

Next morning..
Man: Sir, I don’t understand why you spend your nights in that kind of theater which are near to close.?
Director: Because now you are going to find the address of the new angry young man this film industry is going to welcomes now…

The Theatre