Always remember one thing if there will be nation there will be people with identity, And if we destroy nation there will be no us, no future.

Loksabha Elections 2019 is going on and here we are to choose a leader who will lead this country.

We need a leader who will lead us as a nation.

Dream of better India is probably in everyone’s eyes. Everyone wants this nation to grow into something another which will be more safe, peaceful and healthy.

But let us see the scenario of current situation of India and how we are affecting it.

When Modi ji became Prime Minister first of all he worked toward skill development in country because this Indus valley civilization education system of India cannot take us to better skill.

Without good skills it is impossible to get productive work in any field and without productive work there is no scene of development.

People with better skills will not only be able to get employment but ease of business in this country has given chance to everyone that from being a job seeker they can shift themselves as job creators too.

Technically it is not possible to give everyone job in government sectors because if it happens this country will be soon bankrupt.

One side we want development in every sector and on other side we ourselves are not paying attention to skill India programs.

Now let us talk about safety. From 2007 to 2013 more than 50 bomb blasts happened inside our country killing more than 600 people as per official data.

Now despite border areas in Kashmir I have not seen a single blast inside the country since 2014.

The attacks in Uri and Pulwama were bravely avenged by our armed forces followed by surgical and air strikes respectively.

These armed forces were there too when 26/11 happened in Mumbai but what stopped them was none other the government who was not able to take decisions.

But now when this government took decision to by the glory of the forces and acted accordingly people started asking for proofs of these strikes.

Nice! I appreciate it. (slow claps)

We have a PM who talks about vision and culture of Bharatvarsh on his foreign tours.

He is getting investments and making powerful friends like USA, Russia, Israel and France who are together with us against terrorism without any condition.

Then there is Rahul Gandhi; PM candidate of Congress who goes outside and says India has become intolerant.

No sir! For the common man this country is still so much tolerant because if not the people who chanted anti-national slogans on the name of freedom speech would have been in jail.

But they are not only free they are fighting elections too.

This country is standing on a threshold of becoming something another place better than today in next 10 to 15 year because the decisions which are being made by the government is full of visions.

They are long term benefiting but we need to see this keeping aside the unnecessary hatred against our PM, which is brought by a family who thinks ruling India is their birth right.

We need to think about nation first and not for self.

Always remember one thing if there will be nation there will be people with identity, And if we destroy nation there will be no us, no future.

So keep your eyes open and vote for a better nation.

Jai Hind!

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