Humanity, politics and being virtuous are the new cool of our society.

I know it is good to show humanity but this obsession is taking people too far from humanity.

In past two or three years social media has high impact on the opinions of the people.

Facebook, twitter and even some Whatsapp groups are now becoming source of information.

Every kind of debate are being organized on these platforms and they are also being used show both gratitude and protest.

But with the time passed people of our country have become wiser.

They are trying to look more human than others. They have the obsession to look good, balanced and liberal.

Sometimes they are misunderstood as fake liberals, pseudo-seculars but they are virtue signalers, they are humans.

If someone says “Amarnath terror attack was an attack on Hindus by terrorists to raise fear so that the pilgrimage could stop.”

The virtue signalling worshipers and libTards will come running and screaming Communal! Communal!

According to them the attack was on some good people by the bad ones. None of them neither the victims nor the culprits had religions.

There will be no Saba Deewan, Shabana Azmi  and Konkana Sen Sharma on the streets as it will not be so cool.

Whenever you will raise your voice against this by using word ‘Hindu’ it will trigger them and you will be stamped as communal or even a Bhagwa terrorist.

You can’t raise your voice for your safety or problems related to your religion.

Just because you are Hindu you haven’t any moral rights as you are not so called minorities.

In our country forget dalits and minorities, intellects like Arundhati Roy and some bollywood actors have backed naxals and terrorists like Yakub Memon respectively.

But the people who died in Amarnath still don’t have religions. They are only some good people.

Jai Hind.