Once you blow the ash away then the fire will rise up again and starts shine brightly

You are a fire


You know that you are capable of doing many works, many great works.

But why at the time of need your feet get trembled? Why you become nervous at the time of taking decisions?

People stop believing in their capabilities and they start thinking that the circumstances they are facing are powerful than their will.

Fire, yes you have to remember that you are “FIRE”

It is like some ash gets accumulate in the mind.

This ash didn’t let the mind breath to its full. The mind gets handicapped and unable to see the visions that are bright.

Once you blow the ash away then the fire will rise up again and starts shine brightly.

If there are too many worries in the mind take a deep breath, it will work as blowing air over the ashes.

Then you will find the flame blazing again.

Just see inward and stare at the flame,

That flame is your courage which is saying that you don’t need to worry.

Fresh and bright light of flame sooths the soul and heals the pain which your heart is being through because of the worries.

Often we sit and worry, ‘oh this is not happening’.  Or that is not happening.

Life is such, sometimes what you wish will not happen; and sometimes what you do not want happens.

Never mind. Do not sit and brood over it. Move on; march ahead remembering that you are a fire.

When you know you are a fire, nothing can burn you.

People say, ‘I’m burned out, or I am so tired!”

Come on! What burned out? How can something burn fire?

Move on knowing that you are fire. Let go of the past and gracefully step into future.

Take life in its totality with all its pleasant and unpleasant experiences.

None of these things are permanent, so just let them go.

And walk peacefully with your identity, the FIRE.