“Raees hazir hai”. Badshah of bollywood showed again that why he is the best when it comes to cash his stardom. SRK is only actor in Hindi film industry who has both diehard fans and haters. His current gangster flick Raees is now the biggest hit of this year till date. A story of a gangster turned philanthropist acclaimed good remarks from both public and critics.

These are the facts that everyone knows today. But I’m going to talk about “why he is successful? And why he should be?”

From some years before every release of his movie King Khan has to feel the heat of hatred, because of some controversial statements of him. He is the culprit of paid media who likes to spread hatred around different religions. Before every release of him this son of a freedom fighter has to prove his love for his motherland.

Because of the protest before his every film some his films did not go well on box office, and the people who were praising Grand Masti suddenly became critics after the release of Fan.

But this time Raees won the battle. Because people know that it is not good to rant about same mistake of a person which was just a case of misunderstanding.

Coming from a lower middle-class family SRK is role model for almost every youngster of India. He is known as one of the finest and hard working actor of industry. SRK is a global star and a wise man.

He has inspired many people to work hard and do not give on their dreams. Then why does he always need to prove his patriotism?