In our loneliness we cry in silence, we think here is no one to understand us.

No one wants to hear our cry. But is it true??

Whether it is the moment of solace or the time of multitudes there is someone who wants to communicate with you.

And that “someone” is God. He is there to hear you. Sometimes he often calls our names but we do not reply.

Indulged in the search of sympathy from the people we ignore the blessings we have from God.

Why leaving blessings for merely some words which will fool our mind for short span of time.

Busy in grieving about our loneliness and broken heart we do not know that God is waiting for us to talk.

He wants us to call unto him, because he will answer our questions.

All we need to step forward toward him.

He will not you grieve in silence. We need to shorter the distance between us.

Meditation and prayers were real in ancient time that is why there were less diseases and depression in those days.

People were wiser and self nurtured. They were aware of the things we are discovering now.

Talk to the God and he will not only heal you but he will also exalt you in higher skills.

The false words of people you are waiting for will not make you any profit apart from giving you fake concern.

Let us stare in the void of our soul and listen to the music of nature.

This music will you provide you peace. In the body you will be alone but in reality you are not because he is always with you.

The belief of being with God will not only cure your broken heart but it will also make give strength.