Long- long ago there was a kingdom whose king had three sons Aditya, Amish and Ayushman. Aditya was eldest and Ayushman was youngest of the three princes. All three of them were very noble and wise. The king was always anxious about whom to make the next king because he loved his kingdom so much. So he asked his wisest minister to teach the princes for one month and then decide about the new king.
The minister taught the princes equally and watched over them. And after one month he organized a competition among them in front of the people of kingdom and the king himself.
He asked them “In the kingdom full of animals and people in which most the people are poor. I will give you three options in which you have to choose one as a king to run your kingdom. And the options are weapons, gold, and grains.”
The eldest prince Aditya said that he will choose weapons because by the help of them he will protect his kingdom.
The second son chose gold and said that he will distribute them among his people and everyone in his kingdom will become rich.
But the youngest son Ayushman said he will choose grains. Because by the help of them he will not only feed the people and also feed the animals and he will use some grains as seed to farm for following years.
After hearing his answer all the people of kingdome started chanting “King Ayushman!!” And the king was looking happy on the brilliance of his succesor.
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